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Learning Objectives 

1. Provide students with the knowledge, skills and clinical skills necessary to meet the initial didactic and externship required by The California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals CCAPP. 2. Provide students with a supportive web-based learning experience to help them build the confidence and attitude needed to succeed in this exciting and gratifying career path. 3. Prepare students to take their CCAPP required exams with the goal of securing employment in the profession of Substance Use Disorders Counseling.

CCAPP Track Overview 

ADCS0009-RADT 9 Hour Orientation Is offered to all students prior to beginning core modules, CCAPP processing fee is included in cost of registration. After completion of this course, ADCSI will forward the results to CCAPP at which time you will be issued a RADT Number. CCAPP Individual Membership Fee also included in cost of tuition.

ADCSlOO -introduction and Overview of Addiction and Treatment 45 Hours This introductory course examines the history of alcohol and other mood altering drugs in the United States, the myths and stereotypes that are associated with alcohol and drug abuse, the sociocuitural factors that contribute to the use of alcohol and drugs, as well the patterns and progression of chemical dependency.

ADCS 101-Physiology and Pharmacology of Alcohol and Other Drugs 45 Hours During this course, students will examine the effects of alcohol and similar legal psychoactive drugs have on the body and on human behavior, the damage that is done to the body and behavior, specifically to the brain, liver and other major body systems.

ADCS102- Law and Ethics 45 Hours This course explores the legal and ethical considerations for alcohol and drug abuse counselors as well as the counselor's interaction within the community.

ADCSlO3-Case Management 45 Hours This course focuses on the case management in its entirety, form the intake process through the aftercare and the follow-up phases/ including the best management practices.

ADCS104-Counseling Theories and Techniques 45 Hours This course explores the counselor-dient relationship as well as the theories behind the techniques employed in individual, family and group counseling,

ADCS105-Personal and Professional Growth 45 Hours The alcohol and drug counselor's education continues for the entirety of his or her career. This course explores signs and prevention of burnout as well as avenues of ongoing personal and professional development.

ADCS200-Supervised Practicum 45 Hours Our web based platform currently supports 1 to 10 students in attendance at one time. The capability to increase the allotted number of students per class is there if needed. Measurement: Supervised Practicum students will also be required to complete quizzes and examinations. Their grade is also based on performance examinations while presenting psychoeducationa! groups and mock individuaf, group sessions and performance of counseling microskills.

ADCS300-Clinical Internship 252 Hours of Supervised Field Work 3 Hours of agency orientation The application of knowledge and skill in a practical setting is essential to professional counseling. The field work is the means by which students learn to appiy and integrate acquired knowledge and values and to refine skills that are learned from the course work. Each student must complete all of the twelve core functions at the internship site/with each core function requiring a minimum of 21 practicum hours in each Core Function.

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